Sunday, 20 November 2016

Episode One: Murder by Decree & From Hell

The very first episode of a new podcast looking at movies about historical events, and how full of shit they are.

Your hosts are, in alphabetical order: Jack Graham (of Shabogan Graffiti), Daniel Harper (of Oi! Spaceman), James Murphy (of Pex Lives), and Kit Power (of Watching Robocop with Kit Power).  We do other stuff too.

This opening episode looks at the two movies telling the Masonic conspiracy version of the 'Jack the Ripper' murders, Murder by Decree (1979) and From Hell (2001).

Download or listen >>>HERE<<<.

Obviously SPOILERS and TRIGGERS abound.  You'll enjoy our discussion more if you've seen both movies, and you won't enjoy it if you're distressed by talk of misogynistic murders.  Take care of yourselves.

If you like it, please tell everybody you've ever met. 

Also, you might like our unofficial pilot/s, the two-part podcast we did on the Oliver Stone movies JFK and Nixon, here and here.

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